Monday, May 07, 2012 

The devil with the salt and pepper look!

I just now went through my unpublished drafts. One of the titles from a couple of years back read "My cup runneth over". What the hell was that about? I just couldnt relate to it!!!

I feel sort of odd. The world seems full of posibilities at the moment but somehow those possibilities also appear to be out of reach. To be, perhaps appropriately, all conceptually metaphorical about it (after all, LIFE IS A JOURNEY), I'm always at a crossroads with no destination in sight. What is a man to do?

Unanswered remains the question regarding that part!

In the horizon also looms the figure of serious adulthood in the form of a huge monster 25 years older self staring back at me from 2037. He looks kind of scary in his stuffiness, although I do find his silvery hair and classic appearance with a touch of devil-may-care rather befitting and charming

Monday, April 30, 2012 

Look right up at nights...

This life of mine, if life I can call it, has become a strange affair, a kind of a metamorphosis in which every thing has changed.

Somebody once said that it was required of a man that he should share the action and passion of his times, at peril of being judged not to have lived, and for most of my early life I’ve followed this percept with uncommon faithfulness.

But now of late (the last decade or so) I find myself entangled in a web of days, time passing in a kind of a slow motion, yet seemingly the years flit by and I remain in the same place, unable to flog up interest in the world around me or the people who inhabit it..

I’m much like a meandering river still searching for a sea to unload itself of all that water.
This sort of detachment and apathy sometimes scares me.. but still I doggedly stick to the path

But to what purpose? What end?

I see myself upon the grim mile

The past hunting and future escaping

What was shall not be

Forever shall I thicken this belief

Thursday, February 24, 2011 

Valentino Month!

This month is a little anniversary of sorts. This is kind of calendar clocking that young lovers engage in. It is when two young love birds share how many days or weeks they've been together or how many months, days, and hours till their wedding.

In this month of Valentines, 9 years ago we kissed for the first time. 6 years ago we were engaged. And this year we are married for 5 years - a half decade. Okay, I warned you this is the kind of calendar games young lovers play.

I am overjoyed that love is young whatever our age. When intimate love is shared and entrusted to one other person, the rewards never stop "wowing!" I love my wife.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 

Nothing for the last 2 months, Random status update!

Outside my window.... darkness and freezing Delhi city .

I am thinking... About many a things incl the last longest train journey like yesterday…

I am thankful for...Pinky and Nirav.

I am wearing...Beleive it… All DENIM.

I am creating.... . opportunities for the new start up that I am committed to

I am going… to distance myself form the dark past…

I am reading.... Thunaiezhuthu by S Ramakrishnan

I am hoping... Life would be just as I day dream.

I am Listening.... to Pearl Jam – Yeaild, the complete album for the 1000th time

One of my favorite things... is what I am doing now… long trains and a good digital camera

A few plans for the rest of the week... Work and a desert safari or a river rafting end of the week.

Friday, October 29, 2010 

Status Quo

When Chennai gets rain it changes everything. Things are wonderfully wet!

I've been feeling pretty happy these days. It is getting easier and easier to live the lively life I have set up for myself. I’d like write poetry when I'm tired. I love regrets, means that I am happy!

I am still busy, still learning, still trying to be better every day. Mostly failing at that last bit. I am getting comfortable with my failings, you know.

I am also continually making new friends. This is exhausting.

So that is where I am these days. Fine. Generally feeling better. Struggling a little with whatever it is that I am struggling with. Anyway, I am happy and well.

I am cold. Isn't that wonderful?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 

Hello... Is there anybody in there?

Sometimes when I sit down with myself, to write or try to read, there is a feeling that when all the business, in the sense of busy-ness, is taken away, when completely alone, there is really nothing there. There is no voice to talk to amongst myself. There is nothing within to make me smile or push me forward. Strange, considering that looking on I'm sure it looks that I'm an entirely sensible, well-travelled, well-educated(ish) kind of person. It's hard to really understand that however you're feel at this moment isn't how you've always felt, and it isn't how you will always feel; that even in ten minutes time someone may come into the room and you'll have completely changed course. Not in an insincere way, not that you're trying to seem like a cheery amenable person. Just that you only exist when someone is there. Even now it doesn't seem reasonable to have had all the thoughts that have led to these words without any conscious conversation, just with them spilling out from some void. It really is peculiar.

Monday, September 06, 2010 

Because a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

I will remember that I can do anything I set my mind to I can achieve any goal, fulfill any desire, and reach any star. I will look toward tomorrow with the conviction that I can make it better I will know that a brighter future is within my reach. as long as I have the strength to keep trying, the courage to keep striving, and the confidence to keep believing in myself.

i will remember to live life and enjoy it. I will remember to make my days happy, to fill my life with love, to slow down and appreciate every moment. I will remember what is most important in life.

And I will shape my world around it.

I’m making an example that you can be whatever you want if you try hard enough

you can get whatever you want.

There's always a way

The only things that I regret are those that I didnt do

I know that there's still a bunch of people who believe in me

and that's what makes me keep going

and going
and going
and going
and further
and further
and further.

Because a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!


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